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Select a functional classification category and discover new possibilities with Warranticon

People-oriented system functionalities

Warranticon is first and foremost a service system, but what it stands for largely depends on the user's perspective. The dynamic development of companies and their expectations related to the automation of operational processes are the reasons why the ways of using systems of different classes are bound to evolve quickly.

Warranticon – gives many possibilities of personalization and selection of mechanisms we want to use. The more advanced the user, the more mechanisms he can use. The first element that appears in the work with the system is the inventory of products.

Product cataloguing and its parameterization are mechanisms the proper handling of which gives a new quality to operational activities. Arranging data involves appropriate description and documentation – which is possible thanks to the implemented logic of file repository.

Having products in a specific structure of index cards, we can activate guarantee mechanisms – the control of which will protect the user against costs that can be avoided due to the manufacturer’s warranty or vendor’s warranty.

The functionality discussed so far will prove useful in almost any environment – organizational as well as home, where watching over the resources and their liquidity is often a serious problem in critical moments.

Subsequent Warranticon extensions are already solutions for advanced and demanding users. Advanced user – needs not only inventory, but also stock control. Proper warehouse management allows for agile Management of Tasks arising from Service Requests.

Delegation of tasks, and consequently their proper accounting based on materials used or allocated time, allows to create links generating analysis of profitability of related products, contracts or cooperation with the contractor.

Service Solutions
Inventory for companies
Catalog for the home

What module do you need?

FunkcjonalnośćPRO / Ekspert SerwisSMB BusinessMICRO BusinessHOME Office (B2C)
Integracje z zewnętrznymi zasobamiSubiekt GT, Active Directory
Deployment (Dostępność)On-SiteOn-Site, CloudCloudCloud
Pamięć dyskowa w standardzieHosting własny1 GB500 MB100 MB
Limit obsługiwanych kontrahentówBez limitu10 0001 000100
Limit obsługiwanych kart produktówBez limitu10 0001 000100
Inwentartzacja i katalogowanie produktów
Wirtualne magazyny
Zarządzanie magazynem, dokumenty magazynowe
Zarządzanie kontrahentami, firmami, podmiotami
Zarządzanie plikami, repozytorium
Zarządzanie procesami serwisowymi
Podstawowe zarządzanie licznikami produktów
Zaawansowane mechanizmy metryczne
Zarządzanie umowami serwisowymi
Zarządzanie podwykonawcami
Automatyczny monitoring urządzeń
Raporty Biznesowe (BI)
Dodaj do ulubionych
Zarządzanie gwarancjami
Zarządzanie notatkami

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When deciding on the type of Warranticon instance that will accompany your work, it is important to have a full understanding of the capabilities of a specific "deployment".

Ediko Sp. z o.o. 2020 – – all rights reserved.

Ediko Sp. z o.o. 2020 – – all rights reserved.