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We have created a ticket system so we make it available to our active and potential customers. If you find a bug in the system or need help, please contact us. You will see how Warranticon supports us in practice.
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Write an email to - and tell us your needs.
You will receive an acceptance notice automatically sent by Warranticon.
The issue will be converted to a Submission and you will receive its tracking number.
We will notify you of a change in the status of your request and you can check it in the Client Area.

Customer Zone
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How did we grow from a field service oriented company to a software development company with unique functionalities?


You will be notified of every status change by an automatically generated e-mail, while the details of your request and related tasks will be additionally secured.

Customer Zone

Write to us if you want to access the Customer Zone of the Warranticon system. It is dedicated primarily to those who actively work on the system and want to report their comments on its operation. Thanks to the Zone, what you send us will not be forgotten, and you will learn about the progress of our work in great detail.

Corporate filings

If you represent a larger organization that uses or wants to work with the Warranticon system – remember that the Client Zone allows you to monitor all requests coming from your company. This allows you to quickly and efficiently manage the process of obtaining answers to the questions that bother “you“.

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The Warranticon development team consists of specialists in many fields. Write to us and tell us what you want to talk about. We will arrange a virtual or personal meeting with the right person.
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Ediko Sp. z o.o. 2020 – – all rights reserved.

Ediko Sp. z o.o. 2020 – – all rights reserved.