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Controlling product warranties is a functionality that affects not only the optimization of costs related to the operation of products, but also an element related to the expectations of various users.

We always think about the warranty when the product is damaged, then we look for the purchase document and the warranty card. What if all this information and documents were in one place?

Warranty inventory

Warranticon, will help you inventory your warranty products and clearly communicate which products are under warranty and which are not. Such a general functionality will allow you to introduce proper order both at home and in your company. The system supports the ability to register information such as:

  • Purchase document – invoice or receipt;
  • Warranty documents – e.g.: scan of the warranty card;
  • Other documents: installation or usage instructions;
  • Warranty expiration date;
  • Type of warranty;

If we ensure an appropriate system relationship tying the product to a particular supplier – we will facilitate the process of restoring the product to full efficiency.

The system also makes it possible to register service activities related to the product – that is, tasks – which we document and provide with a set of information in order to diagnose in the future whether the same failure occurred again or whether it is a completely different issue. Recording activities in this way will help you decide whether it makes sense to continue repairs or dispose of the equipment.

Advanced options for service companies

Optimization of service work also includes information about:

  • total number of devices under warranty,
    number of devices under warranty from a selected product model,
    warranties that will expire within a specified period.

While working with the system, information about warranty will appear in many key moments, which allows for proper organization of work. Additional options of scheduling cyclic inspections or defining the maximum product life cycle allow to introduce mechanisms of work automation.


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Ediko Sp. z o.o. 2020 – warranticon.com – all rights reserved.