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Warehouse Management

Warehouse management is a specialization realized by almost every trade, manufacturing or logistics company. For this purpose, WMS class software is always used – (warehouse management system) warehouse management system, which usually functions independently of ERP solutions.

The diversity between ERP and WMS systems results in the fact that the functionality necessary for efficient warehouse operation is not present in the ERP system. This is where a dedicated WMS solution comes in.

Warranticon has fully independent mechanisms for managing warehouse procedures, which – as a result of integration with ERP systems – work together to centralize and synchronize relevant information. In the context of managing FSM service processes – it becomes very important to control the location of the product from a single system – “if not in the central warehouse, where is the product? and what if the product, as a fixed asset, has been leased to another entity or is in the technician’s on-hand warehouse?”

Physical Warehouse vs. Virtual Warehouse

Service management, often involves the use of in-house resources that provide the service to the customer. Such processes are common in photocopier service, for example.

Virtual warehouse in Warranticon – this is a function thanks to which it is possible to create a virtual zone where products used by our customers are accumulated. The inventory allows for a clear distinction between products that should be kept in the warehouse and those that, from the perspective of the fixed asset, are in different locations of our customers.

Virtual warehouse is also a possibility of preserving the clear history related to the sale of the product, where such an action is confirmed by an external release document and an invoice – which puts the logistics of the warehouse in order, but from the perspective of the service we provide under the contract, it is still visible in the system (integrated with the warehouse).

The speed of reaching the right information, as well as monitoring mechanisms gain a new dimension by combining many popular mechanisms with innovative and “intelligent” ones

Real warehouse

Most ERP or WMS class systems provide functionalities for stock inventory. Warranticon, through integration (e.g. with SubiektGT), allows to create all necessary documents in one place, while clearly expanding the parameterization of items.

Depending on the product type, we control its quantity, serial numbers, as well as configuration and related factors such as:

  • service requests,
  • service tasks,
  • product documentation,
  • warranty,
  • costs and profitability.

Integrated warehouse modules combined with additional functionalities of the service system means, of course, access to mechanisms

  • available on-line and from the mobile application level,
  • full inventory records,
  • and inventory control.

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