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Submissions Management

The process of servicing begins when contact is made with the service company. Warranticon supports the most popular and frequently used sources, i.e. phone and e-mail requests, as well as those recorded by a technician during a service visit.

Warranticon optimizes and dynamically narrows the list of fields to be selected in order to register the request quickly and efficiently without any possible mistakes.

Manual tickets

These are used most often in the process of accepting a phone call. The service dispatcher has the ability to add a ticket and quickly indicate the product to which it applies. If the product has already been defined, the system will automatically fill in the remaining fields based on previously defined parameters.

  • Select a product or service;
  • Select a contractor and location;
  • Associate the product with its actual user and reporting person;
  • Prioritize the request
  • Characterize the event

During a phone call, it is important to get as much information as possible, while not keeping the user on the line too long.

Automatic notifications

Warranticon is equipped with a dedicated API – Application Programming Interface – which makes it possible to integrate an application with another – external – application. This application is popular if you have an external mechanism for receiving email. The API can then be used to create a request based on:

  • activities performed in other systems,
  • subject-filtered e-mails.

Relationality of requests and tasks

Requests are closely related to the module responsible for Tasks. The dependencies result from many logical aspects. If all tasks assigned to a ticket are not completed, it is not possible to close it. On the other hand, tasks are responsible for the full process of handling the submission. Tasks are profiled much more extensively, including extended functionalities for status and completion control.

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Ediko Sp. z o.o. 2020 – – all rights reserved.