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Registering requests and tasks, whose description is connected with defining multi-level relations, is an activity that guarantees not only the diagnosis related to the smoothness of device operation, but also translates into profitability of services. Elements of the so-called “ticketing” systems have a very wide range of applications, as well as great prospects for development.

Mechanisms related to accepting and processing requests, for which tasks are created to solve our customers’ problems, must not only be intuitive and fully information-rich, but also comprehensively staffed with all strategic system modules.

As far as service processes are concerned, all requests and tasks have a clear relation with the contractor and the product or service to which they relate. They play an important role in the context of SLA level monitoring – and also contract settlement. Thanks to automation derived from remote monitoring of devices, as well as from the register of users and their roles and competences, it is possible to create and implement processes arising spontaneously at the moment of an event.

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Ediko Sp. z o.o. 2020 – – all rights reserved.