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Proper document management is a challenge faced by almost everyone who is responsible for organizing archives or communicating information. Warranticon automates the process associated with gathering information around specific modules – so that we can attach an external file to any issue in the system.


The needs of users are grouped based on how they work with the module:

  • Contractor – is a module to which we can attach e.g.:
    • EXCEL documentation concerning the audit,
    • organizational structure in the form of a JPG image,
    • registration documents in PDF format, or
    • letterhead in DOC format.

Each module often requires documentation:

  • Product card, can be equipped with files:
    • user manuals in HTML formats,
    • instructional videos in MP4 format,
    • marketing brochures or packshots in PNG format,
  • Product – a place dedicated to a particular piece of equipment or goods, which can be extended with
    • JPG photo of the nameplate,
    • or a photograph documenting the visual condition of the device
  • Notification – often contains a series of additional photo files or scans
  • Task – may be documented with a photo of the work result
  • Contract – is a place where we can store all sketches, scans of signed documents or annexes as files.

Associating files with a module, e.g. a product, is only the first important aspect to generate a valuable list of files.


Often files are further segregated in folders or tagged with dedicated features. If we develop our own dedicated categorization structure, we can customize it and then move seamlessly around it.

  • Categorization will allow us to create a knowledge base built from technical specification files on, for example, equipment from a specific manufacturer;
  • Contracts can be tagged in terms of general nature or financial target, for example;
  • A process typical of task completion is, for example, a completion report, which will allow us to streamline the re-solving of an analogous error – by creating a tag in the form of a service error code – we will quickly be able to find leads that another person has added.


The mechanism of adding one or many files extended by the functionality of automatic attaching them can become an important process of collecting and organizing knowledge, and in turn an important factor in building workflow processes.

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Ediko Sp. z o.o. 2020 – – all rights reserved.

Ediko Sp. z o.o. 2020 – – all rights reserved.