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Product cataloging in the service system is a core functionality that, based on user needs, functions in an integrated manner with the warehouse and ERP systems.

Warranticon uses an overarching configured product card classification to which individual products, goods and services are assigned.  The product card defines the parameters by which the individual products described by the card are identified.

Product card

The main intention of the integration is to enable working with one leading system that synchronizes resources in all related applications. By maximizing the functionality of the application, functionalities such as:

  • Creating product categories and classifications
  • Personalization of system libraries
  • Overview of all products and goods belonging to a specific category – highlighting warranty status or favorite products;
  • Information about the location of products from a particular card in specific warehouses;
  • Related documents and files from the repository and user notes;
  • Access to financial parameters – i.e. default or last recorded sales or purchase prices;
  • Warranty statistics – i.e. which products from a given card are under warranty and which ones will expire in the near future;

From the product card level, we can add an individual new product or service, as well as perform completion – i.e. combine multiple items into one, creating a unique product with a specific configuration.


The product view in Warranticon is one of the most powerful mechanisms available to the user. This is where knowledge about the history of a product, device or specific service accumulates.

Full device identification includes:

  • The rating data: serial number (or several), model name, type, category, or manufacturer;
  • Product location depending on status: fixed asset, or monitored product, or in-stock item;
  • Metric mechanisms – that is, a strong product relationship with
    the counters oraz monitoring module and guarantees quick access to:

    • tables with history of counter data;
    • presentation of counters on the line graph with the possibility of capturing the trend of the device operation;
    • events obtained from monitoring systems;
    • metric anomalies;
  • Components and consumables – presented in the form of a pie chart, which enables quick recognition of the situation in the context of ensuring the continuity of equipment operation.

Systematic work on the repository of files assigned to a product enables quick access to information such as

  • user manuals
  • warranties
  • technical and implementation documents
  • photographic archives reporting the visual condition of the device

Product database cooperating with an ERP or Warehouse System is a series of possibilities optimizing the service management, but also in commercial, marketing and logistic aspects.

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Ediko Sp. z o.o. 2020 – – all rights reserved.

Ediko Sp. z o.o. 2020 – – all rights reserved.