Monitoring mechanism Info

Monitoring mechanism

How does remote monitoring of devices work? In the vast majority of cases this is a very individual issue and depends on the type of monitored devices.

Warranticon was created on the basis of experience of Ediko Sp. z o.o. related to monitoring of printing and scanning devices. Proper definition of monitoring points allows for optimisation of many aspects of the operation of these devices.

Monitoring mechanism. Machine Learning. AI.

Warranticon is equipped with a mechanism allowing it to receive information from external monitoring systems (e.g. CMMS class). Appropriately constructed reports feed the database in the service system and are subject to precise analysis in terms of compliance or anomalies. Machine learning algorithms allow to quickly diagnose if the reading is correct or if it requires specific interventions.

Based on the monitoring data, we verify if the device has reached its life cycle or if it requires periodic maintenance, and we finalize the cyclical settlement of the service contract.

What is worth and what can be monitored?

Warranticon’s algorithms classify metrics based on their correctness:

  • ascending cycle – this is a typical phenomenon for meters such as kilometers or printouts – when the meter drops, it usually means an undesirable phenomenon,
  • decreasing cycle – occurs in the case of data defined in percentage values. We control the consumption from a level of 100% to 0% – knowing that when the level is close to 0% there is a risk of stopping the device.
  • Steady cycle – this element is typical, for example, for geographical coordinates – important when monitoring location with GPS – if we install the device in a certain place and its coordinates start to change, it could mean theft of the product.Based on the above examples and operational needs, Warranticon is programmed based on the data it obtains.

Synergy of monitoring module with other modules allows not only proper planning of actions, but also forecasting and then counteracting undesirable events.

Managed Print Services – MPS Satellite – read more

Ediko Sp. z o.o. commercialized the system monitoring network printers under the name MPS Satellite. Integration with Warranticon system becomes an important point for companies providing print outsourcing services or servicing of multifunctional devices.

Service requires extensive monitoring of many elements among which are metric parameters such as:

  • Counter status:
    • general print
    • monochrome
    • color
    • scanner
    • fax
  • The condition of the consumable such as:
    • toner
    • ink
    • drum
    • transfer belt
    • maintenance kit
    • transfer roller
    • etc.
  • Service event
    • machine failure, code 000
    • no paper
    • paper jam
    • incompatible consumable
    • incompatible paper
    • etc.

Remote monitoring – as a tool for the service company enables better diagnosis of the situation when there is a service request from a user who does not have technical skills and cannot accurately diagnose the situation.

  • Customer: “The printer does not print, it does not work. Please request a technician visit.” Control: the dispatcher verifies the system record, then notices that a paper jam message has occurred. Solution: while on the phone, he instructs how to remove the paper stuck in the machine.
  • Customer: “There are marks left on the printout.” Control: An operator observes increased consumption of blue toner. Solution: A technician retrieves a blue photoconductor drum from storage, which is probably worn out more than other components.

Zachęcamy do zapoznania się z zagadnieniami dotyczącymi zdalnego monitoringu opisywanymi w artykułach na blogu naszej strony. Spektrum przypadków oraz możliwości będzie sukcesywnie aktualizowana. #monitoring.

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Ediko Sp. z o.o. 2020 – – all rights reserved.