Cost estimation Info

Cost estimation

In the process of servicing, the thread related to the valuation and acceptance of costs to be borne by our contractor is extremely important. Warranticon has therefore gained a new relationship with the document that we treat as a “Cost estimate”.

In addition to the classic form of a document, the cost estimate mechanism has been extended by additional stages of acceptance, so that we can control whether the customer agrees to all actions that have been proposed, or only to selected ones.

Cost estimate creation stage.

This is the moment when we build a document and connect it to selected mechanisms (e.g. notification). While creating the cost estimate we select elements to it from a catalog created earlier in the system, which is also accompanied by the service valuation process.

Status moderation stage.

Another part of functionality is related to status moderation and generating a PDF file. It’s up to the operator to decide how the estimate is made available – we can download a ready-made PDF file where our customer selects which elements of the estimate they’re interested in and sends it back to us as a scan. Such a copy can be attached to the system in the file repository as a confirmation of acceptance, and at the same time we can select in the system those elements which the customer has finally accepted.

An alternative is also the possibility to accept the estimate from the Customer Zone, where from the list of estimates, our contractor’s employee can accept selected items on the document.

Work in progress stage.

The cost estimate is also a tool facilitating settlement of work related to the order. Thanks to creating appropriate cost estimate elements, we can use them to automatically settle the order or to generate alternative documents.


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Ediko Sp. z o.o. 2020 – – all rights reserved.