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Proper cataloguing of counterparty information and access to all related elements is the key to fast and accurate decision making. The role of the counterparty in the system, and at the same time the screen for viewing details related to such an entity, is crucial during standard operational activities.

Warranticon presents the counterparty card taking into account the relationship between the counterparty and, among others:

  • Persons representing the company;
  • Field points and office locations;
  • Contracts established with the company;

From this level we will also learn about the details of:

  • Requests – coming from the contractor;
  • Tasks – related to service activities;
  • Products – inventoried at the contractor’s site;

We will also find all:

  • Documents – warehouse or sales documents in which the contractor is a party;
  • Files – from the repository which concern the contractor;
  • Notes – left by the system users with reference to a contracting party;

Metric data analyses are also an important element from the counterparty service point of view. On graphical line graphs we can get acquainted with the life cycle of products.

Products which have been assigned to a contractor and their parameters are monitored by dedicated systems (e.g. in case of printers monitoring – MPS Satellite application controls the printer counter status) are subject to statistical analysis. Thanks to such mechanisms implemented in the contractor’s details view we can observe how many printouts are produced by printers, how many kilometers are travelled by cars or if all devices are working continuously.

We encourage you to learn more about device monitoring or CMMS class systems.

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