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The contracts module is one of the most important elements of Warranticon. The inventory of contracts – especially those of long duration, and their precise parameterization – is the first step towards automation of many key processes:

  • execution of tasks according to the SLA level,
  • Quick association of a request with a contract allows to set an appropriate priority for its execution,
  • control of contract expiry date is an important aspect to take commercial actions related to its extension,
  • automatic settlement of contracts according to the relevant interval (monthly, quarterly or half-yearly) combined with the remote monitoring of equipment frees human resources from very mechanical and often monotonous tasks.

Contracts are accompanied not only by the stage of defining its parameters, but also by advanced algorithms of its settlement, monitoring of dependent items, as well as control of its profitability or inventory of requests and related tasks.

Automatic settlement takes place on the basis of data collected primarily on an ongoing basis, so we avoid a situation in which there is no data to determine the relevant values, and linking the agreement to the relevant contractor and its employee improves the way of transferring documents (e.g. billing ones).

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Ediko Sp. z o.o. 2020 – – all rights reserved.

Ediko Sp. z o.o. 2020 – – all rights reserved.