support for logistics services - WMS

Control inventory levels in real time. Use independent mechanisms for managing warehouse procedures which, as a result of integration with ERP systems, cooperate to centralize and synchronize relevant information.

Our system is a dedicated WMS class solution that provides an overview of the company's entire inventory and manages supply chain execution operations from the distribution center to the store shelf.
warehouse system

WMS - warehouse management system

Selected functionalities and mechanisms

The classic of WMS. Everything you need in one place.
Virtual warehouse
Separation of products that should be in stock and those that from the perspective of the asset are located in different field locations of our customers.
Physical warehouse
Integration with SubiektGT allows you to create all necessary documents in one place, while clearly expanding the parameterization of items.
Inventory control in warehouse
Real-time inventory, full warehouse records and optimized supply chain.
Full support of warehouse operations for any number of warehouses allows for efficient issuance of sales and purchase documents.

What makes Warranticon different?

Unique functionalities for special tasks.
IoT & M2M - Monitoring
Warranticon has a advanced metrics analysis engine tied to automated notification and billing processes.
Clearing of Contracts
Fast and automatic settlement of cyclical contracts based on the TCO standard. Integration with ERP efficient VAT invoice on the basis of the settlement document.
Shipping Optimization
Thanks to the integration with the system you can easily prepare a parcel and verify the shipping costs from different courier companies.
Warranties and Inspections
Warranticon = Warranty. The system was created to support companies in providing warranty services and monitoring warranty statuses and times.

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Fully independent mechanisms for managing warehouse procedures. Our system is a dedicated WMS class solution, cooperating with your ERP system, which centralizes and synchronizes relevant information.

Functionality of the WMS package
Quick start package assumes the functionality specified as standard in the package. If you need additional modules, please ask for individual pricing.
Functionality WMS package
Warehouse Operations
Request Logging
Basic Task Management
Product, Warranty, and Contractor Register
CSO integration
Advanced Task Accounting
Contract management
Cost estimate management
Purchase order management
Courier management
Returns Registration Engine
E-mail dispatcher
Customer Zone
Predefined Reports Package
Metric Data Logger
Remote Monitoring Engine support
Enhanced Integration

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Warranticon in practice

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Ediko Sp. z o.o. 2020 – – all rights reserved.