Logistics in eCommerce

Sales on the Internet is an extremely complex process, which with a large number of orders becomes critical to generate adequate revenue. An important element is then an appropriate design of activities to be performed after the order is accepted.

Warranticon – through a partnership with an agency specializing in eCommerce – has been linked to online sales platforms such as PrestaShop. In this way, orders, stock and product catalogs feed into Warranticon’s inventory. The full process of warehouse logistics and support in the marking of goods is an important step to improve the preparation of shipping to the customer.

The mechanism of picking multiple orders based on the collection list or online collection is the first step of product verification to avoid excess returns.
The completed products should go in a properly labeled package complete with a return form, receipt, or packing slip. All these steps are done in one place and in an orderly manner.

Minimize returns and complaints while optimizing the processing of these activities.

Support in marking the goods sold and get to the right places quickly by using barcodes and QR codes.
Data synchronization through integration with the online store engine
Marking products and documents saves time in operational processes.
Extend and control employee authorizations to minimize errors during packaging of goods.
Integration with couriers e.g. through the furgonetka.pl platform means quick generation of a waybill.

Logistics of modern warehouse management - How does it work?

Have a look at short instructional demonstrations using the example of a unique online boutique - Hollywood Dream.
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Products in catalog and warehouse
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eCommerce Order Processing

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How do we work in the eCommerce industry?

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