support for maintenance services - FSM

Take advantage of experience and service standards proven in practice. Introduce clear procedures for accepting service requests from various sources - e-mail, phone, or technician visit. Authorize requests and assign tasks to be performed by employees with specific specialization.

Control the status of requests and their cost. Adopt a solution that will improve the control of technically advanced products that should be identified with a specific serial number or identifier.

FSM with extensive mechanisms IOT & M2M

Selected functionalities and mechanisms

The classics of the FSM field. Everything you need in one place.
Automatic Dispatcher
Responds to calls automatically through mailbox integration.
Product labelling
Marking with barcodes and QR codes. Assignment of serial numbers.
Task Management
Scheduling of employee tasks in synergistic customer communications in the Customer Zone.
Clearing of tasks
Advanced accounting of time spent and stock items used during intervention.

What makes Warranticon different?

Unique functionalities for special tasks.
IoT & M2M - Monitoring
Warranticon has a advanced metrics analysis engine tied to automated notification and billing processes.
Clearing of Contracts
Fast and automatic settlement of cyclical contracts based on the TCO standard. Integration with ERP efficient VAT invoice on the basis of the settlement document.
Shipping Optimization
Thanks to the integration with the system you can easily prepare a parcel and verify the shipping costs from different courier companies.
Warranties and Inspections
Warranticon = Warranty. The system was created to support companies in providing warranty services and monitoring warranty statuses and times.

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The IoT data analysis algorithm is very versatile and extremely useful when you need to assess the validity of a service request, the current technical or operational status of the product being serviced.

Functionality of the FSM package
Quick start package assumes the functionality specified as standard in the package. If you need additional modules, please ask for individual pricing.
FunctionalityFSM Package
Warehouse Operations
Request Logging
Basic Task Management
Product, Warranty, and Contractor Registration
CSO integration
Advanced Task Billing
Contract management
Cost estimate management
Purchase order management
Courier management
Returns Registration Engine
Email Dispatcher
Customer Zone
Pre-defined Reports Package
Metrics Data Logger
Remote Monitoring Engine support
Extended Integration

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Warranticon in practice

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Ediko Sp. z o.o. 2020 – – all rights reserved.