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When the number of orders increases, and picking and packing shipments involves more and more employees, it is worth considering implementing a central system with automation mechanisms. Warranticon - thanks to the comprehensive functionality of the warehouse system and integration with courier and online payment systems - allows you to reduce the time your employees spend on handling a single order.

Our mechanisms will help you mark goods in barcodes and documents in QR codes, which will allow you to quickly activate the relevant processes. Integration with barcode readers and printers will not only streamline but also automate many activities.
ecommerce system

central warehouse for online store * processing 1 order in up to 30 seconds

Selected functionalities and mechanisms

Warehouse with eCommerce needs in mind for a variety of industries. Warranticon secures sales information by automating many time consuming and labor intensive processes.
Product labelling
Barcode and QR marking. Allows you to control the correct matching of product to order.
Instant creation of a waybill with the right parameters reduces the number of returned shipments, and optimizes the cost of package delivery.
Returns Automation
Properly prepared return documents expedite the verification of returned products and their activation for sale.
Financial issues and OSS reports
OSS VAT report export generators streamline and simplify sales accounting.

What makes Warranticon different?

Unique functionalities for special tasks.
Our Own WHS
Thanks to the dedicated Warranticon WHS application installed on your computer, your office and warehouse equipment works perfectly with our system. Printers, scanners, etc.
A seemingly simple operation, which with a large number of orders significantly reduces the time of preparation of the shipment to the customer.
Shipping Optimization
Thanks to the integration with the system you can easily prepare a parcel and verify the shipping costs from different courier companies.
Work Organization
Thanks to permission mechanisms you can easily implement a systematic control of work and access to specific system functionalities.

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Get support for your online store with Warranticon’s advanced logistics functionality. Standardize the processes of preparing orders for shipment.

Functionality of the eCommerce package
Quick start package assumes the functionality specified as standard in the package. If you need additional modules, please ask for individual pricing.
FunctionalityeCommerce Package
Warehouse Operations
Request Logging
Basic Task Management
Product, Warranty, and Contractor Registration
CSO integration
Advanced Task Accounting
Contract management
Cost estimate management
Purchase order management
Courier management
Returns Registration Engine
E-mail dispatcher
Customer Zone
Pre-defined Reports Package
Metrics Data Logger
Remote Monitoring Engine support
Enhanced Integration

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Warranticon in practice

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Ediko Sp. z o.o. 2020 – – all rights reserved.